Lawn Care Yarmouth Port MA

At Pride, we recognize that every lawn is different and therefore there is no single plan to tackling lawn care. We will inspect your property and tailor a program that will benefit your turf. You can expect to have the lush green grass that you have always wanted and one that makes the neighbors envious.  We factor in everything from the weather we are experiencing in a given season, to how much sunlight or shade certain parts of the grass are getting. This will determine how much fertilizer, and what types of fertilizerwe end up using.

There are many services that can fall under lawn care and lawn maintenance. At Pride, here are some of the lawn care services we can offer you:
●    Fertilization
●    Aeration and overseeding
●    Disease and pest control
●    Weed control
●    Deep root fertilization
●    Grub control

Our lawn care program starts at the beginning of spring depending on when the weather breaks. An extended winter that does not seem to want to end may mean holding off fertilizing the yard until April, however, it is mostly common that we start fertilizing in March when we feel it is time to bring the grass out of its winter dormancy. There are a total of six applications averaging every 6 weeks as part of our fertilization program.

The first application happens in early spring and involves a fertilizer with crab grass pre-emergent in order to prevent crab grass from showing up. This first treatment is designed to jump start the lawn waking it up from its winter dormancy. As far as expectations, nothing dramatically happens this early in season but it is a critical first step in ensuring your lawn is healthy right from the start.

The second treatment, which occurs in May or June, also uses a crabgrass pre-emergent for extra protection focusing on all edges of the lawn where hot spots generally are. Along with crab prevention and fertilizer, this application features a post-emergent weed control if the weather is optimal for them to start showing up and therefore the need is there for them to be treated.

The third treatment is for early summer, generally June or early-July. It is a lighter feeding and is designed to keep the lawn growing vigorously. It is around this time that the lawn starts to slow its growth down so we adjust the amount of fertilizer we use accordingly. Weed control is also used, as needed, and grub control and surface pest control is applied if we find there are any issues.

In August, your grass gets the fourth treatment which is similar to the third one. Along with the light fertilization we also check for any issues that many hinder your grass’s ability to grow strong and healthy. Insect and disease management can be implemented, if necessary.

The final two applications happen later in the season. The fifth application occurs as the grass picks up its growth again. We often use a normal rate of fertilizer for the fifth treatment. The sixth and final treatment is in October or even as late as November. This last application is a winterizer and will help build root density, store energy for the winter, and if it’s a colder fall, this application will sit on the lawn and help in the spring. The fall is also a great time to take care of any irrigation or landscaping needs. If new lawn needs to be installed, which it often does when it comes to landscaping, this would be the best time of year. If you are looking for landscaping companies for lawn installation, irrigation or even to design a brick paver patio, Pride can be your landscaper of choice.

Additional fall services can also include aeration and seeding which involves punching small holes every couple of inches in the lawn. This will relieve compaction and thatching as well as open up the lawn to the seeding so the roots can get its nutrients along with air and water. We can also do slice feeding to take care of bare spots – this is accomplished by creating slits in the soil and depositing seeds simultaneously.

For rounds two through five of our fertilization program, we will monitor for insects and diseases to ensure your lawn care is not going to waste. To ensure the highest level of customer service, if we use granular fertilizer, once completed, we will blow the pellets off your driveway and walkway and back onto the lawn where it can be useful. Also, we will make you aware of how much irrigation is recommended for your lawn so that you are getting the most out of your fertilization.

Contact Pride today. Our lawn care services will have your grass looking green and beautiful all year long. And, don’t forget, if you need a landscaper, do not waste time looking at landscaping companies, just contact us or speak to us when we are servicing your lawn.