Landscaping Yarmouth Port MA

At Pride, we want your home to be the pride of the neighborhood. If you need a landscape designer, you can trust our experience to design and create the landscaping plan of your dreams. We can install patios, brick pavers, fire pits and more. We have pictures on-hand to discuss everything from the look and feel to the color. We will not just offer you any cookie-cutter plan; we will customize and personalize a design specifically for you and your needs. 

If you want to complement your beautiful grass with some outstanding landscaping, Pride can be your landscaper of choice. Our extensive list of landscaping services includes:
●    Patio and brick paver installation
●    Fire pit installation
●    Landscape design
●    Spring and fall clean-up
●    Tree and shrub planting

As you can see, we offer a variety of landscaping services to ensure your property remains looking good all year long. Just like our lawn care services, our landscaping services also begin in spring with a clean-up. A spring clean-up involves picking up any branches or debris that has made it onto your yard during the winter as well as leaves that have fallen off the trees after raking the previous autumn. Once the grass is starting to get long enough, we will commence with the mowing. 

Along with mowing we will also do the edging and blowing so that your grass looks well-manicured and is ready to receive fertilization. The edging will give your lawn a sharp look and blowing any grass clippings back onto the lawn means you will not have those unsightly green marks on the driveway. We also adjust the height of the lawn mower so that your grass not only looks good but will be at the optimal height to maximize the fertilizer usage and to stay healthy during the various parts of the year. It is detailed service like this that differentiates Pride from most other landscaping companies. With a lawn receiving the right amount of irrigation, we will come out and mow once per week between May and November.

At the beginning of the year, we can deliver mulch to your beds and install it so that it helps the colors of foliage really pop while also allowing any irrigation to properly reach the roots of the trees, shrubs and bushes. At the end of the year, we offer a complete fall clean-up which will take care of all the leaves that fell off the trees and made their way into your yard; this includes your neighbor’s tree whose leaves always seem to end up on your side of the property line. We will pick up all branches and debris and ensure your property is in good shape before winter settles in.

While many people think about landscaping at the beginning of the season it is best to remember that the prime time for lawn installation is toward the end of the season in September. Oftentimes landscaping involves pulling up and replacing grass as well as planting trees and shrubs so feel free to give us a call to discuss plans for your landscaping while we are out working on the lawn.

From mowing the lawn to irrigation installation to landscaping services, put the trust of your yard into the experienced hands of Pride. Our extensive knowledge and history of providing high quality services ensures your grass will be green, your landscaping beautiful and the exterior of your home looking incredible. Give us a call and see how we differ from other landscaping companies.