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At Pride, we are happy to take care of the colonial style homes that add charm to this historic and cultural town. Whether your home runs up to the beach or you have an inland estate that needs new landscaping, you can rely on Pride’s lawn care services. By growing through word of mouth and offering a referral program, we have been able to satisfy many customers who choose every year to sign up again for our lawn care services. 

When you have a company like Pride take over the maintenance of the lawn you will soon discover your grass can be as inviting and pristine as some of the local golf courses. Of course, now that you do not have to waste some time mowing, edging, blowing the glass clippings off your driveway or crisscrossing with a fertilizer spreader, you can actually enjoy the Bass River Golf Course or Bayberry Hills Golf Course. Or spend your Saturday with the family in Boston and catch a Red Sox game by leaving your yard work to the professionals.

The town of South Yarmouth is located to the west of Dennis on the opposite side of the Bass River and just east of Hyannis Port which is the famous location of the Kennedy Compound. At just under 8 square miles in size, South Yarmouth is home to approximately 11,000 residents. Nestled along the Atlantic coast with Cape Cod Bay to the north, South Yarmouth is a perfect place to visit and call home if you love spending time near the breezy and cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean. At Pride, we are glad to serve the residents of South Yarmouth and help them enjoy a healthy and green lawn and gorgeous landscaping.

The history of South Yarmouth is similar to many communities in the area. Dating back to the 1630’s, Yarmouth was settled by John Crowe and Thomas Howes as well as Anthony Thatcher. The area of Yarmouth encompassed more than it does in its current form. Interestingly enough, no one is exactly sure why Yarmouth was chosen as a name; however, its origins come from the England city of the same name located about 100 miles east of London. Over the years, Yarmouth became famous for its shipyards and thriving fishing industry. During World War II, it was estimated that the Germans bombed Yarmouth over 50 times which killed over 1,000 residents and injured thousands more. Its proximity to the water and seaside resort towns help make South Yarmouth the charming place it is today.

There are many beaches to choose from in South Yarmouth and the Yarmouth area including those leading up to both salt water and fresh water. In South Yarmouth, you have two locked fresh water beaches and six saltwater beaches. Whether you want to swim in the ocean or prefer the small inland lakes and ponds, you will have access to it all. If the early spring and fall weather is too cold for the water but you want to be outside, there are seven parks and playgrounds that are perfect for folks who want to remain active. Kids can roam around on the playground, teenagers can play on the basketball courts and the whole family can enjoy a picnic with the gorgeous blue water as their backdrop.

For all of your lawn care, landscaping and snow removal needs, contact Pride and see why so many of our customers continue to recommend our services to other local friends and family.