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Pride has been servicing Harwich since 2013 but our experience in the local lawn care business goes back beyond the founding of our company. Located on Cape Cod east of Yarmouth and Barnstable is the great town of Harwich. Harwich is a town the size of 33 square miles with a population of over 12,000 residents. There are many small villages nestled within Harwich. They include:
●    Pleasant Lake
●    West Harwich
●    East Harwich
●    Harwich Port
●    Harwich Center
●    North Harwich
●    South Harwich

Harwich is a busy tourist destination especially in the summer where visitors are eager to spend time near the 11 miles of shoreline along Nantucket Sound. Plenty of boats sail along the harbor and the crisp Atlantic Ocean breeze is always comfortable. Spending time outdoors in Harwich in the summertime is perfect however maintaining your lawn is not the ideal way to spend a sunny weekend afternoon. When you use Pride as your lawn care specialist, you will have a trusted and experienced professional providing the highest level of service to ensure a green and healthy lawn. At Pride, we can ensure your Harwich home has the appropriate level of fertilization, is mowed the ideal height and is weed, insect and disease free.

One of the cool things about living in Harwich is that you can do just about anything in the water. There are rivers you can kayak down, deep ocean you can spend time fishing in, and plenty of water for waterskiing and waterboarding off the shores. If you want to get away from the Cape, Boston is only 90 minutes away or you can head up to Hawksnest State Park for a more quiet and serene experience.

Harwich is filled with beautiful homes nowadays and folks who live here share a legacy dating back to the mid-to-late seventeenth century when settlers started putting down roots. The town was incorporated in 1694 and boasted an economy specializing in farming and fishing – a very similar historical pattern along Cape Cod. Harwich is considered the location where the cranberry industry got its start in 1846. The Cranberry Festival is a big draw every September having started in 1976 and draws in visitors eager to witness the great fireworks display. Tourism is the other big industry which temporarily increases the population of Harwich to 37,000 residents at its peak.

The homes in Harwich vary in size. Some are massive properties along the shore and others have smaller lots that require a little less maintenance. Regardless of the property size, Pride has the ability to take care of your lawn. We also offer landscaping services which includes taking care of insects or diseases damaging the trees, bushes and shrubs as well as installing mulch so the beds look gorgeous as your out of town guests pull up the driveway admiring the location of the home. We can also provide landscape designs if you are looking for a patio extension or something new altogether.

Harwich has a charming downtown area complete with restaurants and local businesses that thrive during the tourist season. The festivals and parades bring countless visitors into downtown Harwich and are always a great way to see your neighbors and feel one with the community. As a local company, Pride is proud to service the residents of Harwich as well as the many other communities located on Cape Cod.