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Pride has continued to grow over the years thanks to very good word of mouth. It is not just because we offer referral discounts either, our customers are happy with the lawn care services we provide and choose us year-after-year as their trusted lawn care team. If you are looking for reliable landscaping, lawn care or just about any other service for your yard, you will want to contact Pride of Yarmouth Port, MA. Our extensive list of services includes, but is not limited to:
●    Landscaping
●    Irrigation
●    Lawn Care
●    Mowing and Edging
●    Insect and Disease Control
●    Fertilization

The founder of Pride had spent years working for a corporate lawn care and maintenance company until he decided to branch off on his own and open up Pride. What makes us different than the corporate lawn care and landscaping companies is that you will speak with the owner directly. As a local business, you will be able to call, text or email the owner and expect a reply quickly ensuring you have the highest level of customer service. Our satisfaction guarantee means your lawn will look pristine throughout the year.

No two lawns are alike and Pride does not take a single approach to our lawn care services. We monitor everything from the weather patterns to how much shade or sunlight certain parts of your lawn are receiving and adjust the treatment program accordingly. This includes changing the height of the lawn mower so you have the ideal cut for both aesthetics and health of the grass as well as applying the appropriate amount of fertilizer to get the maximum benefit.

At Pride, we offer a comprehensive fertilization plan to ensure maximum growth at the right intervals. This service also includes weed and crabgrass control to keep your lawn looking both green and beautiful from spring all the way through fall. When we mow your lawn, we can spot any weed growth and take care of it right away without the charge of a service call – our goal is to make your lawn the Pride of the neighborhood. We will also be able to see if there is any need for insect or disease control. The last thing you want after spending money on your lawn is for your grass to turn brown or die because of fungus growth, grubs or any other host of possible problems.

If you are looking for a landscaping company, Pride can assist you there. As an experienced landscaper, we have the capability of doing everything from adding a few trees and bushes to a complete landscape design including patio and fire pit. Once you step outside and observe the meticulous work done on your landscaping, you will be glad you made Pride your landscaper of choice. While most landscaping companies will work around your schedule, we highly recommend you do landscaping such as grass installation or tree and shrub installation in the fall. We can then provide the appropriate level of tree and shrub maintenance to help your new landscaping grow strong and healthy. We are certified in the state of Massachusetts for commercial pesticide application so you are in good hands when it comes to battling the insects that may be trying to harm the foliage within the landscaping.

Maintaining a lawn can present considerable challenges especially when the weather is never consistent. At Pride, we are able to service lawns and landscaping to ensure they thrive throughout the spring, summer and fall, and are prepared to remain dormant for the frigid and snowy winters we get in Yarmouth Port, MA. And to help deal with the snow-filled months, we offer a great snow plow service. From clearing off your driveway to shoveling the walkway, you will have a safe and clean path for your car, family and guests.

For lawn care services you can rely on, contact Pride today.